Bespoke Software

Websites that DO and Apps that WORK.

Our software engineers are not run of the mill coders, we seek out the best talent with a passion for lateral thinking and problem-solving.

If your business needs solutions to become more efficient, more attractive to customers and more profitable, check out our team to get those problems SOLVED!

Off the shelf products

Our industry-specific ‘ready to go products’ are designed by experts in the field.

Like our At-table ordering app Magic.Menu with FREE Covid QR Check-in, designed by a 20-year restaurant and catering veteran.

So you can be well assured they work perfectly for the users on the ground as well as your office staff.

Furthermore, we offer full customisation for all of our products to meet your individual business needs on simple hourly rates.

Our Passion

Is building fast, effective and efficient solutions for our clients.


The Perfect Fit for Your Business.

Like a newly tailored suit we accurately measure and analyse your requirements and specifications to create software that fits you and your business perfectly.

Custom integration with your accounting, scheduling, allocations and marketing software saves your business time and money, automating repetitive tasks so you and your team can get on with the job.

Whether it’s our bespoke software engineering services or our highly customisable subscription software products, you can be well assured of a perfect fit for you and your business.

Nomad Software is 100% Australian Owned and Operated, employing only the best Australian talent.

This means we’re working when you’re working and ensures nothing gets lost in translation:

  • local time live stream and face to face meetings
  • responsive and fast technical support
  • business hours customer support
  • understand end user’s expectations and nuances

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Our Passion Shows.

looking for one of our “off the shelf” products?

At-Table Ordering App

Our solution for Restaurants, Cafes, Clubs & Pubs takes ordering mobile.

Less time taking orders and entering them into your POS system.
More time hosting, up-selling and serving your customers. 

Keep your diners coming back by putting control in their hands.

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